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Finally, the revolution of wood pencils are here. Now save trees by using eco-friendly “NewspaperPencils” .Wagtail Industries have come up with surprising concept for Pencils Industry. Have you ever thought of Pencils made out of waste Newspapers? Yes you heard it right, pencils made out of newspapers. Have you ever imagined the life without trees? No right, let me tell you my friends “No Trees, No Humans”. Trees are a crucial factor to our survival not only because they produce paper, lumber, pencil and many more essential products, but because they serve a very vital role in the carbon cycle. What if one day we don’t get suitable air to breath or food to eat? This is why we have come up with an idea of recycled paper and newspaper pencils. The used newspaper sheet is cut into half, horizontally and then rolled tightly around the graphite lead using special glue. This is how Wagtail Pencils are processed. No trees or environment is harmed while making this super cool pencils. These pencils gives an excellent grip to your hands, extra dark handwriting, stronger lead that resists breaking while writing and superior writing experience. Let’s together safe the future, say yes to Wagtail paper pencils. From now on take the pledge of using recycled paper and newspaper Wagtail pencils.

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